Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cajun Queen for a Day !

It was a marvelous family day, on the bayou, filled with good food, great music, and fun. The day began with a lovely breakfast in bed and roses and just got better as time went on. Families were out on their pleasure boats on the Bayou Vermilion, enjoying the warm but, beautiful day. The line was very long at the Mother's Day buffet, at my favorite restaurant, and was filled with just about every world famous Cajun and Creole dish imaginable. Well worth the wait !! Cest' bon, cher! The Crab Cakes and the Stuffed Shrimp were divine, cher!

Then it was on to the Blue Moon Saloon which celebrated Mother's Day with a benefit for for Lymphoma survivor and friend, Francis Haymark Handy, who has been bravely battling the disease for a couple of years. Happily, she is doing well, but the financial toll has been great.
There was a silent auction with various local artists donating their work for the event.

Three different bands played this benefit and drew a huge crowd. Band #1, "L'Angeleus" really wowed the crowd with their unique style of traditional Cajun music. They are the grandchildren of master fiddler, Hadley Castille, and it is evidently "in the genes".

They were a breath of fresh air with their unbridled enthusiasim and superb performance. Hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day because tomorrow will be business, as usual, right? And time to give up the crown, or not?




Expat From Hell said...

I am here because of Life in the Second Half. Love anything that comes from the other side of the state line that-a-way. What a delightful culture you have. Keep 'em coming - I will be back.


Marguerite said...

Hey Expat, I was on your fantastic blog a few nights ago and tried posting a comment, but for some reason, it didn't go through. Love your sense of humor and sharp insights. Thanks for visiting.

GutsyWriter said...

A new visitor and I feel the JOY already. Sounds fabulous and like you know how to enjoy life.

Lover of Life said...

You guys certainly know how to enjoy life! Hope you raised lots of money for your friend.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Loks like a wonderful celebration!

Marguerite said...

Welcome Gusty Writer and thanks for visiting. Yes, the "joie de vivre" (joy of life) is very prominent in the Cajun culture.

Marguerite said...

LOL- We work hard and play hard which kinda balances things out. The fundraiser was a big success. Thanks for your good wishes.

Marguerite said...

Katherine- It was a fun day. Hope that yours was, too.