Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost Time for Mardi Gras!

Although Mardi Gras Day ( Feb. 24) is still a few weeks away, the Carnival season actually began, in Louisiana, on January 6, or "The Twelfth Night" meaning the twelfth night after Christmas. They say that Mardi Gras or "Fat Tuesday", originated in Medieval Europe, and was brought to New Orleans by French explorers in the 1700's. New Orleans has the biggest celebration in Louisiana, but Acadiana more than holds it own, when it comes to big parties. 

Lafayette, which hosts the second largest Mardi Gras celebration, holds many lavish balls and parades. Many people belong to a Mardi Gras Krewe which is a social club that centers around Mardi Gras,but has parties for all occasions, year round. The Mardi Gras season is a magical, fun-filled time when you get to wear outrageous costumes, catch lots of shiny beads at parades, go to fancy balls and listen to really great music. Downtown becomes alive with revelers and each club has a festive party going on.

Cajun Field becomes home to the "Mardi Gras de Lafayette", where there is a huge amusement park and a stage with the best Cajun and Zydeco bands playing. Also around Acadiana, you will find the "Country Mardi Gras" where families and neighbors ride together on horseback, to gather the ingredients for a giant communal gumbo. Once the ingredients are obtained, there is a "fais do do", (street dance), while the feast is prepared. It all adds up to a whole lot of FUN, which of course, is what the Cajuns are known to love.. Lassier Les Bon Ton Rouler! Hope to see you there! Mais Oui?

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