Monday, March 15, 2010

Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie + Bayou Boogie!

Here is one of my all time, decadent, faves! This wonderful recipe has been adapted from the "Talk About Good II" cookbook, compiled by the Junior League of Lafayette. My lovely daughter made this one, as a surprise for me. This heavenly Cajun treat is served on many occasions, but I call this my "company pie". Guaranteed to have your guests coming back for more and begging for the recipe! Just fabulous, cher! And it is one of the easiest to make.
C'est bon! Enjoy!

Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie

4 whole eggs
2 cups sugar
3 squares unsweetened chocolate
1/4 lb. butter
1 tsp. almond extract
pinch of salt
1 cup pecans
1 unbaked pie shell

Break eggs into a large bowl and stir in sugar. Melt chocolate and butter, in small bowl, and add to the egg and sugar mixture. Add almond extract, salt, and pecans. Mix well, and pour into pie shell and bake 55 to 60 minutes @ 350 degrees. Serves 6-8 Top with whipped cream! Yum! Bon Appetit!


It was a beautiful Spring evening at the kick-off to the Downtown Alive Spring concert series,on Friday night! G.G. Shin, Steve Adams and their smoking hot band, Smoke, with special guest, Charlene Howard were reving it up! "Swamp Pop" kings, and in their own right, this fabulous band was getting down, cher and rockin the crowd! Swamp Pop is a Cajun style of music that was very popular in the 60's and is still very popular, today.

Swamp Pop music takes you back in time to a much simpler time. Especially the slow songs!

I took this video clip, but the audio turned out horrible, (not sure why)! So please
TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN or OFF, if you want to watch it! The crowd was jammin', and doing a fast jitterbug! Let the good times roll, cher!

Wishing all of you a beautiful Spring week! Have a bon ton, cher!


Jo said...

Gosh, Marguerite, you have more fun than anybody I know.

And I just gained 5 lbs. just looking at that pie. YUM!



Eddie Bluelights said...

Where do you get your energy?
Very plased to have you back.
Love the new photo - pink to make the boys wink. Hugs Eddie

Eddie Bluelights said...

They are singing my song on my other blog:

Called "The Oldest Swinger In Town" LOL

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Well, I found you... but still no blogroll appearance

Marguerite said...

Jo- It's the Cajun way, cher! You should move here, you would love it!
Thanks for the nice compliment! Cheers to you!

Eddie- It's all in the Cajun genes, cher! Merci beaucoup for the sweet compliments and the linkage. I will check it out! You canaille, yeah, cher! Thanks for coming by!

Dave- Merci for coming over and telling me. Stranger things have happened, but I'll figure it out, sooner or later. Have a Banana Boat for me!


OMGosh! that pie is the kind that paula deen would say makes ya wanna slap yo' mamma!!! heaven help us all, it looks so divine! love love the old "filling stations" turned into cafes, etc - there used to be one in shreveport years ago but long gone and too bad - fabulous post, as always, louisianasister!!! can't tell you how much i love comin' home over here!

John said...

I thought you'd been a bit quiet, the sidebar is not updating. Thanks for the comment on the spoon sizes. I'm not sure our spices are 'certified cajun', but I'll be trying them anyway. Shrimp, crab and fish recipes always appreciated. Can't say I'm a sweet-tooth man, so I tend to pass on cakes. But I can see others love them!

JeMA said...

Marguerite! So glad to have found your blog. Amazing recipes and a look into Louisiana. I love chocolate, can't wait to try your pie!

Marguerite said...

GYPSY- Merci beaucoup for your sweet compliments, cher! This pie is so sinfully delicious that I have to control myself or else I would eat the whole thing! "The Filling Station" as it's called, is one of my favorite restaurants.

John- You're so welcome and I'm so glad that you like the seafood recipes! I will be posting a Cajun seasoning blend recipe, soon, and then you can make your own!

JeMA- Hi and welcome! I'm so happy to meet you and glad that you found my blog, too. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for adding me as a friend. The pleasure is all mine!