Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Festival Time in Cajun Country !

After our morning pot of Community Coffee and crawfish omelette, we decided to head out and find some fun. Finding fun on a beautiful spring day in Louisiana is not hard to do. After a short pleasant drive through the country, we arrived at our destination in nearby St. Martinville. There was a very special festival going on, The Acadian Memorial Festival.

The 5th Annual Acadian Memorial Festival was in full swing and celebrating and honoring our Acadian French ancestors. Their bravery, loyalty, and dedication to perserving the Acadian culture has prevailed and the "joie de vivre'', (joy of living) carries on, evident in the unique food, music, and language of the area. Today, our ancestors were honored with a re-creation of the Acadians in exile, arriving on the Bayou Teche in the 1700's.

Descendants of the original settlers were dressed in period dress, as they paddled down the Bayou Teche and came ashore right behind the famed Evangeline oak tree. After this awesome re-inactment, there was a fais do do (street dance) with lots of dancing to the Cajun sounds of Moi-J'aime-ca-Comme -Ca (I Like-It-Like-That).

Oh and did I mention the wonderful food at this festival? Old time Cajun dishes, such as jambalaya, boudin, and bread pudding were served, along with a crawfish boil. Craft demonstrations and an art and antique car exhibition rounded out this great festival. Just the beginning of the 2009' spring festival season in Cajun Country! And you know what that means. Let the Good Times Roll, cher!!

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