Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spicy Beer-Boiled Shrimp + A Cajun Waltz

 When a friend of mine called and asked if I wanted 10 lbs. of large Gulf shrimp, I literally jumped with joy! Since I am a shrimp-o-holic and absolutely love to eat shrimp, I immediately starting planning how I was going to prepare this little gift from heaven. With the beautiful weather we've been having, (sunny and 70's, for a week now), I decided to use one of my favorite shrimp boiling recipes and to invite a few friends over to enjoy a boiled shrimp feast. Oh, cest bon cher! Enjoy! (photo courtesy of Google)

Spicy Beer-Boiled Shrimp
Large, unpeeled, headless shrimp
4 cups water, per pound
1/2  bottle, (6oz.), of good beer, per pound
1 tbs. salt, per pound
1 pkg. Zatarain's Crab and Shrimp Boil (per 5 lbs.)
or 3 tbs.'s  or more, Cajun seasoning per pound
1 onion, per pound, quartered
1 lemon, per pound, quartered
1 bay leaf, per pound
2 ears fresh corn, cut in half, per pound
1 lb. small red potatoes, per pound

In large stockpot, place water, beer, seasonings, salt, bay leaves, onions, potatoes, corn, and lemons, and bring to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes. Add shrimp and boil for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes and remove from heat. Add a tray of ice cubes to the pot, to cool it down. Let sit for 10 minutes or more. Remove shrimp, corn, and potatoes, and serve with seafood sauce. (recipe below) Out of this world!

Tangy Hot Seafood Sauce #2

 3/4 cup ketchup
1/4 cup light mayo
2 tbs.'s Creole mustard
1 tsp. prepared horseradish
1 tsp. Tabasco sauce
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. dill pickle relish

Combine all ingredients in bowl,  until well mixed,  and chill until ready to serve.

A Cajun Waltz
I've had a special request for a Cajun waltz, which is my favorite way to Cajun dance, besides a jitterbug, that is. Here's a little clip of Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie, swaying the crowd at Rythyms on the River in River Ranch. This one's for you, cher!

It's almost time for Mardi Gras parades! Woo hoo! Lafayette is ready for some good ole Cajun Mardi Gras fun! For a complete Lafayette parade schedule, click here. See ya'll there!

Wishing you all a fabulous week! Merci beaucoup for stopping by!


Pat Tillett said...

For once I haven't already eaten before I came here. I'm thinking we are going to be eating this TODAY! Thanks so much!

judi/Gmj said...

wonderful sounds good, and I am trying my darnest to get a mardi Gras celebration going here... ha! sticks in the mud.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

You should put together a cajun cookbook!!

John said...

Can you imagine what 10lbs of shrimp would cost in the UK?
Was that you in the red jacket in the video? You guys in the south seem to have lunch pretty well sorted.

Joanne said...

Wow, you've got a shrimp-fiesta going on here. And I must say, that corn on the cob looks heavenly too. I haven't had any since early autumn and miss it :/ Enjoy that feast!

Eddie Bluelights said...

It's no good I will have to buy a little kitchen pinnie and get used to these culinary delights. I do love shrimps myself but Spicy Beer Boiled Shrimp looks divine. I could eat a horse! . . . well a shrimp anyway LOL
Loved the Cajun Waltz! Did I see a little wave I wonder? LOL
Have a great Mardi Gras ~ Eddie @
Clouds and Silvery Linings
and Platos’s Procrastinations

Cloudia said...

you don;t even KNOW who hungry that pic makes me, Cher!!!!

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral


Al said...

That is like 5 kilos. Wow heaven!
We buy a kilo occasionally as a real treat.

We call them prawns down in Oz.

Kat said...

I love shrimp too, especially this way! I am going to try your sauce next time someone gives me 10 pounds of shrimp (or I got to the grocery!)

Chris & Amy said...

Fresh gulf shrimp. We are spool jealous! But we are getting ready for our annual Mardi GRAS Party!!!

Marguerite said...

Pat- Thanks, so glad it inspired you! Enjoy! You're welcome!

judi- Thanks, Mardi Gras parties are so much fun! You'll just have to invite some fun people and maybe serve some Hurricanes! lol

Trish- Thanks, I'm working on one, now, but you know how publishing goes!

John- We can get large shrimp for $5.00/lb.! But, you could make the recipe with just 1 or 2 lbs. Maybe or maybe not! lol Yes, we do!

Eddie- Merci beaucoup for your sweet comment, cher! I know that you could polish off a pound or two of these shrimp! Glad you enjoyed the waltz! I'll never tell! lol

Cloudia- Thanks, it's my pleasure to make you hungry, cher! Wish you were here!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Heard today on the radio that there is a shortage of sharls around the UK and the shrimp population is growing fast!! Thinking of capturing the shrimp market!!! LOL . . . . but wound probably eat them all LOL
Oh well back to the drawing board LOL ~ Eddie@
Clouds and Silvery Linings
and Platos’s Procrastinations

Drick said...

Dat's some good eat'n ... could down a good pound myself easily...when I'm not making my own, I like Zatarain's too and your # 2 sauce sounds out of sight...

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm counting on that Mardi Gras banquet coming up. Love boiled shrimp.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Marguerite, you sure are always having fun! The shrimp cooked in beer sounds really interesting, something that I will have to try! Was it you 'the lady in red'? :)

RNSANE said...

It all sounds wonderful - Cajun shrimp and a little post feed dancing to help the digestion!

Kathryn Magendie said...

OHHH! I love shrimp! -- here we can sometimes get gulf shrimp but many times it's atlantic shrimp --I can tell you that while atlantic shrimp are good, they aren't as sweet - gulf shrimp are sweeter and atlantic shrimp taste more briny.

GMR is going to make me a kings cake for my birthday! WIth cream cheese! whoop whoop!

Marguerite said...

Al- Great to hear from you! It's always a treat to have a bunch of shrimp. Hope that all is well in Oz. Thanks for coming by!

Kat- lol- I know, I'm very lucky to have such generous friends, but you could do a couple of pounds, just to try the sauce! Enjoy!

Chris and Amy- Hi and welcome! This shrimp boil is perfect for a Mardi Gras party or anytime, and I hope you try them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Eddie- Sounds like a promising venture, either way! lol You are so canaille!

Drick- Thanks, the sauce is fab and I hope you try it! I alternate between #1 and #2, depending on my mood. lol

Rosaria- Thanks, me too, and it's so easy to prepare. Lots of Mardi Gras goodies coming up, so stay tuned.

Magic of Spice said...

I could eat this until I explode, unflattering I know but so true...Fantastic recipe!
Toujours savoureux mon cher ami
I hope you are having a beautiful week:)

Arlee Bird said...

there you go making me hungry again right before I go to bed. I love shrimp like that, but it sure can be messy. Enough beer and I don't care.

Tossing It Out

MÜJDE said...

paylaşım için teşekkürler.

Mary Bergfeld said...

The shrimp look and sounds delicious, but your Cajun waltz will have me boppin' through my housework this morning :-). I'm so glad I stopped by. Have great day. Blessings...Mary

Velva said...

10-lbs of Gulf shrimp, lucky you! You have another great recipe. This shrimp boil looks amazing.


annies home said...

awesome post my cousin married a girl from cajun background and she speaks of food like this all the time yum yum

Kittie Howard said...

Your recipes made me so hungry I had to have an early lunch (boring, don't ask:D) Copied that seafood sauce recipe. Looove beer boiled shrimp with all the goodies. Thanks!

Miz Helen said...

123,123,123,just doin a little Cajun Waltz to get over to the Spicy Beer Boiled Shrimp...they just look delicious. I want to try them for the next yard party we have here. Your recipe looks great! Thank you so much for bringing all the goodies to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!