Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tis' the Season

Only 17 shopping days till Christmas ! About this time every year, I start to panic, wondering how on earth that I'm going to pull it all off (the shopping, the baking, the cards, the parties, the church, the school, the decorating, the guests, etc.) and keep up with my two jobs and life, at the same time. Then I think back to the year when I did all of my Christmas shopping ON Christmas Eve. Talk about pushing the envelope. Then, staying up until 4 a.m. wrapping everything.

Well, I learned my lesson on that one and vowed to begin shopping in January, for the following year. I hit all of the after Christmas sales and acquired quite a stash of gifts. I put them in a big bag and stashed them in the attic. The year flew by and when it came to the Christmas season, I started shopping in October, but totally forgot about the bag of gifts, in the attic. Then , in January, when I was storing the Christmas decorations , I saw it. The big bag of gifts that I had so carefully bought last January. I ended up giving those gifts to friends and family, throughout the year, as birthday gifts, so it all worked out well, in the end. Well, needless to say, my New Year's resolution was to buy everything online and save myself from all of the stress, ( the lines, the traffic, the unavailability of size and color, in the stores. etc.) And not to put them in the attic. Happy Shopping !

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