Friday, July 31, 2009

Cajun Beer Can Chicken + Bayou Boogie!

Just the mention of Beer Can Chicken in my last post brought about such a flurry of responses that I decided to post this interesting chicken recipe, just in time for weekend grilling. You might be asking, who in their right mind would grill a chicken, sitting on a beer can, for a couple of hours. Anyone who loves moist, tender, grilled chicken, at it's best! Also known as "Drunken Chicken and Beer Butt Chicken, this popular method of beer infused chicken produces a crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, bursting with flavor, bird. Stick with a mild, mid-priced beer, like Budweiser, and pass on the cheap variety or fancy imports which tend to make the bird taste too beer-like. Unless, of course, you like beer- flavored chicken. Cest bon, cher and enjoy!

Cajun Beer Can Chicken

3 lb. whole fryer chicken
1 12 0z. can domestic beer

First, make the rub.

Cajun Rub
2 tbs's Tony Chachere's Spice N' Herbs seasoning (or Cajun seasoning)
1 tsp. kosher salt
1 tsp. each of garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and thyme
Combine all seasonings in small bowl

Wash and pat dry the chicken and rub the Cajun rub into the bird.
Open beer with pointed side of can opener, making 4 holes. Pour out about 1/4 of the beer. Ease the chicken down over the beer can. Heat grill and place the upright chicken on indirect heat. Cover with lid and grill and smoke for about 2 hours. Serves 4. Le bon manger!

Here's a little Cajun lagniappe to go with your beer can chicken! Have a fun weekend, ya'll!!

Oh those T.G.I.F. blues!

Cajuns dancing to Texas swing


California Girl said...

This is so funny. I have never done it and I've wanted to for years. I will just have to break down and buy the damn canned beer. I love chicken and I roast it once a week without fail. My oven is always greasy. I alternate between the high roast temps of 500 the first 20 minutes, then finish @ 425 for the last 45 minutes. Crackling good skin & moist white meat. I also like the slower method @ 325 on convection roast. Always I stuff mine with lemon slices, bay leaves or rosemary or something green and nice, onion quarters, garlic cloves, and squeeze lemon juice all over. It is always always good.

Mandy said...

That chicken looks like he wants to just walk right off the table, or stagger I should say, since he's drunk, LOL. Thanks for posting this recipe. Looks a little bit scarey but very yummy at the same time! :-)

Eddie said...

I feel like chicken tonight!
Gosh you are a busy bee these days!
Sorry I haven't commented lately, Marguerite, missed you, but have been very busy at work. Your Cajun Delights are very tempting! ~ Eddie

Marguerite said...

Cal. Girl- So nice to hear from you. You should try it, it's delcious! Just buy one can at the quick store. Your chicken sounds wonderful with the lemon and herbs.
Hope you have a sunny weekend!

Mandy- You're so welcome, cher! It really is a great way to cook chicken and you can always get your hubby to handle the bird. lol
Have a fun weekend!

Eddie, Thanks so much for visiting and for your nice compliment. It's quite all right, cher, I understand what it's like to be busy. Hope that you have a great weekend!

John said...

I've done chicken on the grill that way before, but English beer, and as you say, it's a great way to cook a bird; have not tried the rub before, so that's something for next time. If the damned rain ever stops.

Vagabonde said...

This recipe looks good and I’ll ask my nephew, who has a grill, to write it down, and next time we drive to Ohio maybe I’ll be able to taste it (as long as it’s not in winter!). We do not have a grill, so I‘ll try the recipe of California Girl which sounds very yummy. By the way I found the Clifton Chenier’s CD in a second-hand mail order store and they are shipping it to me.

Nancy said...

Love the music and dancing. Your spices look really good for this chicken. I did one once on a beer can and was disappointed. I'll try it again, with the cajun spices - it is sure to be better!

Donna Gotlib said...

I'm forwarding this to my husband. He puts Tony Chachere on EVERYTHING. I'm the one from the south. He's from LA. Go figure.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Love Drunken Chicken! (We add spices into the beer can and some orange juice, all sorts of things so it can steam into the bird.) I wanna try a turkey on a big beer can! Think it'll work? :)

I think this recipe got its name b/c when the chicken is ready, the legs are so tender, it can't hold the body up anymore and falls over "drunk." That's how you know it's done. Wheeeee!

WV = suptip LOL

Marguerite said...

John- I know that it's probably hard for you to find Tony's seasonings. I will be posting a link, at the bottom of this post where you can order it. It has become very popular worldwide and it's great on everything!

Vagabonde- No grill? I could not live without mine, as I cook most everything on it, all summer. But, you're right about Cal. Girl's recipe looking divine. So glad that you got the Clifton Chenier CD. You will love it!

Nancy- So nice to hear from you. You're right about the seasoning. You need to order some Tony's, especially for your hubby's jambalaya. Glad you enjoyed the music, cher. Hope that you got to listen to the music in my last post. It's dynamite!

Irish Gumbo said...

Ahh, nothing like beer butt chicken...I'll have to give that a try. Wonder if it would work with turkey? Maybe have to get a Tall Boy beer for turkey! (heehee)

Thank you, my dear, for stopping by IG. I'm glad you qualified my handwriting by saying "...that I've ever seen." (grin) Whew! For a sec there I was feelin' kinda girly (doublegrin)

Marguerite said...

Donna- Welcome to Cajun Country! Your hubby is a smart man. Tony's is great on everything! Thanks so much for visiting.

Angie- So good to see you! I've never tried a turkey with this recipe, but it would probably work well on an Old Smokey with one of those Heineken Keg o' Beers. lol

Irish- You are hilarious and always make me laugh. See answer above, about Turkey Beer Can Chicken. Hope you have a splendid Sunday!

Coshon said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this recipe! I have added it to my "cajun" section of drunken chicken of my website. Hope you don't mind.