Monday, July 20, 2009

A Cajun-Yankee Weekend Blowout !

It was a fabulous, fun weekend, in Cajun Country. I had out of town guests for the weekend, who were ready to sample a little slice of Cajun hopsitality. I had a big pot of Crawfish Etoufee ready, when they arrived. Figured that I'd sock it to em', right off the bat.

 They enjoyed the delectable stew and the homemade Chocolate Mousse Pecan Pie that my daughter made. One bite of this pie and you know that you're addicted for life. Cest bon, cher!

Day 2 was even more fun! I thought that they might enjoy some boiled crabs, so we spent the afternoon boiling and eating some wonderful Louisiana blue crabs and took a nice, refreshing swim in the pool. I discovered that they loved Mexican food, so I suggested that we go out for a Mexican fiesta. 

We went to Tampicos Resturant and I ordered the crab stuffed jalapenos . My companions opted for a grilled shrimp and rice dinner, w/ pico de gallo and grilled veggies. Paired with frozen Margaritas and a few cold beers, it was a most enjoyable meal. After dinner, we went to a little jazz jam at a favorite neighborhood club, and had Frozen Chocolate Martinis for dessert. (to die for)

Day 3 was even more fun! After eating a good breakfast of homemade bisquits, topped with crawfish etouffee, Spanish omelettes, and fried green tomatoes, we all headed out to the Atchafalaya Basin for a little fun on the swamp. It was a beautiful day, with less humidity, and there was a nice breeze. We stopped by a friend's camp on Henderson Lake and took a boat ride on the swamp. By this time, my guests were starting to get the idea. 

But it wasn't until we drove up to Whiskey River Landing for the Sunday afternoon dance, that they really began to understand the true meaning of "lassiez les bon temps rouler". They were quite shocked to see the intensity of the "hot as Tabasco" music and dancing. French Rockin' Boogie took the stage and the packed dance floor really started heating up, with a whole lotta nitty-gritty dancing going on. 

We really packed it in! Cajun hospitality at it's finest! Boy, will they ever have a tale to tell about their Cajun adventures, back on the East coast. So glad you enjoyed it! Happy Trails, till we meet again, my friends! What did you do for fun over the weekend?


Joanne said...

Painting the window trim just doesn't hold a candle to your amazing weekend :(

Laura said...

I read your post to my husband and let me say that we were both wishing we were there!

What gracious hosts you are,

Angie Ledbetter said...

Now, you done it up right, sha! I bet your company can't wait to get back down here.

I had a great weekend meeting up with a few different friends. Naturally, food was included at each stop. Got to browse B&N and get some reading done too. Oh, and a nap! :)

Marguerite said...

Joanne- My weekend was fun, but pales in comparison to your extremely perfect day in your post. Maybe we should do a house swap some time. :)

Laura- Wish that you were here, too! You'll have to put Whiskey River on your list for the next time that you visit.

Angie- They are coming back down for Festival Acadiens in October.
You could be at Whiskey River in less than an hour. Glad that you had such a great weekend!

Mandy said...

Angie told me I'd find you over here! Mmmm, I soooo miss that Cajun Hospitality! It's so nice to be in bloggy-land with company from native Louisiana. I'm from Houma but then moved to Dayton, Ohio for a few years and now I'm stuck (un-blissfully) in Montgomery, Alabama. My family and my husband's family are all still in Houma, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette though so we're hoping to move back there someday with our little Yankee-born daughter. Oh well, at least I can buy Tony's here since I put that in all my cooking. In Ohio, it was in the "foreign foods" section - LOL!!! I can't wait to read more of your stuff. "Laissez les bon temps rouler!" ~Mandy

p.s. - my maiden name is Babin. I bet you know people with that last name. It's non-existent here in Alabama, just like in Ohio.

david mcmahon said...

Grilled shrimp? I'm on my way!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Love the way you are always enjoying yourself - and I just love grilled shrimps - you know the way into a man's heart!! Don't forget on my award ceremony day I am booking the first dance, the next dance, all the dances and the last dance!! Until then ~ Eddie

Marguerite said...

Mandy- Welcome home and thanks for visiting! I lived in Maryland for 20 years before moving back to Cajun Country. Both of my children were born and raised there, but love it here, now. That saying "You can take the Cajun out of La., but you can't take the La. out of the Cajun" is so true.
And yes, I know several Babins. Hope you get to move back soon!

Marguerite said...

David- So nice to see you, again. I wish that you and all of my bloggie friends could come over for some grilled shrimp, boiled crawfish and crabs, and fried catfish. What a feast we would have, not to mention the party!

Eddie- I am thinking about buying a large houseboat and turning it into a bed and breakfast. And yes, grilled shrimp would be on the menu, as well as live music and dancing.

Mandy said...

You're so right about not taking the Cajun out of the girl. My accent comes out and my voice transforms into an animated storyteller when I am around my family again. I miss the food so much. I'm so thankful that when my parents come to visit, they bring with them a little piece of home ( I'll be back to read more and share more after a business trip. Cheers to you until then!

The Good Cook said...

What a fun weekend! I wish I had been there.. I would have had a hard time choosing what to eat.... except for those frozen chocolate margarita's.. that would have been a no-brainer!

Vagabonde said...

It sounds like you and your guests had a great Cajun week-end. We spent several days in the Cherokee Indian Reservation attending a great festival, in North Carolina and I’ll write a few posts on it. Coming back, we stopped at a flea market where I met a Cajun gentleman and his wife, speaking fluent French. They were displaced by Katrina and now live in North Ga. I’ll send them your web address.

Marguerite said...

Good Cook- Thanks so much for visiting. With over 300 restaurants in Lafayette, it is always hard to first, choose a place to dine. And then, to choose what to eat. But the food here is all so delicious, that you can't go wrong. I love your recipes!

Vagabonde- Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, too. I will look forward to your posts about it.
So glad that you met up with some fellow Cajuns in Georgia. Thanks so much for passing on my link. :)