Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Pics + Bayou Boogie !

Here are a few pics of some of the fabulous Cajun dishes that I served on my Christmas Eve buffet. The Roast Turkey and Cornbread- Sausage Casserole were really scrumptious and the Cajun Baked Ham w/Sugarcane-Bourbon Glaze was out of this world! And this was despite the fact that I accidentally turned the oven to broil, instead of bake, for 30 minutes, before I noticed !! This is what happens when I try to cook before I have my coffee! It just charred the outside of the ham, and the inside was moist and delicious! Oh, cest bon, cher!

And what's Christmas, without some sinfully delicious BeBe's Potato Salad and Crawfish Etouffee! Cest bon, cher!

And a few more yummy sides, Broccoli-Cheese Casserole, Sweet Potato Fluff, and Cajun Cornbread Dressing! Le bon manger,cher!

Hope that ya'll had a wonderful Christmas and are relaxing, tonight, with your favorite holiday drink. A few friends stopped by and we are drinking Banana Coladas and Cranberry Jacks and listening to some classic rock mixed in with a little bayou boogie.

Cranberry Jack

1 1/2 parts Jack Daniel's Whiskey
1 part Chambord
1 part cranberry juice
2 parts sweet and sour mix
1/2 cup crushed ice
splash of 7 Up

Shake first 5 ingredients together in shaker, strain, and pour into a festive glass. Top with a splash of 7 Up and garnish with a lemon twist! Enjoy!

Time to get your toes tapping and feet moving! Cheers!

The Lost Bayou Ramblers



lakeviewer said...

Lovely, scrumptious, mouth watering all the way.
Thanks for sharing.

Karine said...

Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

John said...

Great looking ham. Hope you all had a good one.

Kat said...

Marguerite, I made the glaze for our ham on Christmas day and OMG! it was fabulous! Really, Really awesome. Thanks for sharing that recipe. You never steer us wrong girl.

ellen abbott said...

Makes me hungry just looking at it all.

btw, I sent you an email with a question about the praline recipe you posted.

Cathy said...

Fabulous looking meal! Just looking at those pics is making me crave xmas dinner cajun style ;)

Velva said...

Holy cow! That spread looks delightful. The ham...although, you thought it was charred, it looked golden brown-perfect! I like that cocktail too.

A Year on the Grill said...

love everything... but I am afraid that drin is a terrible way to ruin Jack...

Have you published the cornbread sausage recipe???

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, I wish I could have come to your house for Christmas dinner!!! There's something wrong with my oven (definitely the oven--not the cook...LOL)...and things wouldn't cook...And just looking at your pictures makes my mouth water!!! Have a wonderful New Years, my dear friend!!! Looks like I know who can whip up not only delicious food, but fabulous holiday "brew" ;-) Love you! Janine XO

MaLou Silverman said...

So mouth-watering! I hope I could cook the way you cook :)

judi said...

fantastic show, ham looks delish and I want the recipe for the Etouffee!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oh boy, yummy stuff. Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. But I expect nothing less.

Marguerite said...

lakeviewer- Thank you for the great compliments! You're welcome, cher!

Karine- Hi and welcome to Cajun Country! Thanks so much for coming by and for your nice comment! It's my pleasure to share!

John- Merci, we had a great Christmas and hope that ya'll did, too! After your comment on the ham recipe,, I went out and bought some Colman's. lol Cest bon!

Kat- Merci beaucoup for sweet comment! I am so happy that you made it and that you liked it so much, cher! You are so welcome! Merci beaucoup for the sweet comment!

ellen- Thanks! I sent you an email back and hope that you received it. Thanks for coming by!

Cathy- Why, thank you my dear! Guess you'll just have to try a few of the recipes to satisfy that craving!

California Girl said...

how do you stay so slim my dear? your dinner looks sinful and that Cranberry Jack sounds like a treat. We aren't going anywhere New Year's Eve, or, as my husband refers to it "Amateur Night" so I should create something fun to drink and nibble.

Cloudia said...

I love coming here to dance & eat, Cher!

Aloha, Sister-Friend

Comfort Spiral

Marguerite said...

Velva- Merci beaucoup for your kind comment! The glaze is "to die for". Happy New Year!

Dave- Now, don't say that until you try one! It's actually a yummy drink! Cheers and Happy New Year, cher! Not yet, but soon.

Janine- Oh mon cher, I wish that you could, too! Thanks for your sweet comment and for coming by! Hope your New Year is filled with happiness! Cheers!

Ma Lou- It's great to hear from you! Thanks for the nice compliment! Just follow the recipes and enjoy! Happy New Year!

Marguerite said...

judi- Thanks, cher! See my post of August 2, 09' for the etouffee recipe. Happy New Year!

Elizabeth- Merci, looks like you did too! Best wishes for a Happy New Year! Cheers!

Cal. Girl- Small portions and lots of dancing. It's impossible to stay home on New Year's Eve in Cajun Country, unless the party is at your house. Happy 2010, cher!

Cloudia- Thanks, so glad you enjoy it! Happy New Year, gal pal! Aloha!

A Feast for the Eyes said...

I gotta tell you... that dancing looks like so much fun! I have always loved that music!
As for the food-- scrumptious!

I have been craving beignets from days now... I actually bought a bought of Cafe du Monde mix. I'm seriously thinking about it and I have yet to make red beans and rice. Coming soon!

Happy New Year!