Friday, May 25, 2012

Cajun Memorial Day Faves + Bayou Boogie

With the holiday weekend approaching, I am putting the finishing touches on my Memorial Day cookout menu. With temperatures expected to be in the 90's, our cookout will be a pool party as well.  Here is a sinfully delicious burger recipe that is stuffed full of jalapenos and cheese, that is sure to please your family and guests. Cest bon, cher! Enjoy!

Cajun Jalapeno Cheeseburgers

2 lbs. lean ground beef
1 tbs. Tabasco sauce

1 tbs. liquid smoke
2 tbs.'s minced garlic
1 tbs. prepared horseradish
1 bunch green onions, including tops, chopped 
1 tbs. Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp.'s salt
2 jalapenos, sliced
8 slices pepper Jack cheese

Melted butter
Hamburger buns

Place beef in large bowl and add all other burger ingredients, except jalapenos and cheese. Mix gently and form into 8 (1/4 lb.each) patties. Place one pattie on a plate and layer with jalapenos and cheese slice.  Top with another pattie and seal edges together. Grill directly on a medium hot grill for about 10 to 15 minutes on each side. Brush buns with melted butter and grill on indirect heat until toasted, while burgers are cooking. Garnish with your favorite hamburger fixins. FAB! Makes 4 (1/2) pound burgers.

And this is what else I have on the menu, so far, and who knows what else I'll be adding!
 Bon appetit!

(click on title to view recipe)

 Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos

 Spicy Drunken Shrimp Kabobs

Cajun BBQ Chicken w/Bourbon BBQ Sauce

I'll be sharing these at ~

Bayou Boogie

Here's a little clip of one of my favorite Cajun bands, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, boogie-ing down at the Gator by the Bay Festival in San Diego, a few weeks ago. A large group from Lafayette attends this festival every year and it's always a total blast. Let the good times roll, cher!

Wishing all of you a safe, fun, and happy holiday weekend! Merci beaucoup for stopping by!


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Marguerite, I hope you have an army of elves to help you prepare all of this! And don't forget to put your feet up for a while and enjoy some of the delicious food. Happy weekend! thanks, sp

Linda Starr said...

you always have the best holiday meals, takes the stress right out of planning a menu. have a good one.

Gypsy Heart said...

Wow, I so wish I were there to enjoy all of this great food...and the margaritas! :-)

Happy Memorial Day, cher ~


Gypsy Heart said...

Wow, I so wish I were there to enjoy all of this great food...and the margaritas! :-)

Happy Memorial Day, cher ~


Kat said...

You are the best Marguerite!!! I have yet to make one of your recipes that was not a smash hit here at the Compound!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend courtesy of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for US!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Hay, Marguerite, good to hear from you again!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. We will be in Abbeyville next March and would love to drive up get together with you for lunch or something. Let's plan on it.

Big Dude said...

I'll have a plate with a little of each please. looks like the folks are gettin-down to the music.

Pat Tillett said...

Oh man! I hope you have a kitchen staff standing by! These all look so darn good. I guess my invite was "lost" in the mail! Yum!

T. said...

Girl, you are KILLING me with this photos/recipes. If I succumbed to temptation I'd weigh as much as a freighter, quickly!

ruma said...

Hello, Marguerite.

 Your heartwarming works fascinates my heart.

 Thank you for your kindness.
 And i pray for you and yours peace.

Have a good new-week. From Japan, ruma ❃

Katherines Corner said...

fabulous food and a bayou boogie too. Perfect! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop and for your bloggy friendship xo

nanny said...

Oh gosh , wish I had a burger now!!! Sounds wonderful!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Gosh! What a spread!! Can I come? LOL

I'll dance I promise!!! LOL

Martha said...

I promise to dance too! Right now I just wish I had that crawfish dip for breakfast! What the heck, it's early but I'll take a Margarita too!

Dee said...

Everything looks delicious! I've been seeing a ton of your recipes on Pinterest lately! Seems everyone is loving them!

Six Sisters said...

It all looks delicious!! What a spread of yummy food! We appreciate you linking up with us!! It's so fun to see all of the great ideas and recipes! We hope to see you back again soon! -The Sisters

Vagabonde said...

I saw and copied your recipe for beignets in my document of Recettes. My grandson loved the beignets at CafĂ© du Monde in New Orleans, so when I go to Nashville next time I’ll make some. I have never heard of Croissant French toasts – they look delicious. It is hard to come to your blog on an empty stomach! Luckily my daughter’s in laws gave us many leftovers from the Indian feast they had for the holidays so I just have to reheat them…

Michelle B said...

Thanks for linking! Lordy, this is one great menu! And I'm a sucker for burgers.

Candace said...

What I wouldn't have given to be invited to this party?! Holy Smokes, it all looks delicious!

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Hey Marguerite... It has been way too long since I stopped by to say hey...


So glad to see you are still letting those good times roll and sharing them with us want to be Cajuns. You were on my mind over the weekend as I attended my first Crawfish boil and had a slightly northern version of a good times party for 25!

It's infectious!

occasionally year on the Grill (where you can see my boil photos) but mostly

Michelle B said...

Congrats! This post was one of the top-viewed links from last week's See Ya In the Gumbo! It will be featured tomorrow night when the new liny opens.

Rian said...

Just wanted to say that I love visiting your site. We're originally from New Orleans, but have been residing in Texas for a while. But your recipes make me home-sick...