Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cajun Fun on The Levee- Part II

After having a blast at Turtle's, it was time to start heading over to the camp, since we had just a few hours left, before dark. We rode on the levee and headed over to McGee's Landing to pick up a few supplies. I bought a few vintage postcards in the lovely gift shop, and we went outside on the deck to view the beautiful swamp before going to the camp. There were boaters coming in from a day on the water.

When we arrived, family members were already there and were grilling up some pork chops, sausage,  and bbq beans. We were starving, at this point, and dove into this fabulous spread. Then I made a big batch of Banana Coladas and we played bouree', for a while.

Then it was time for a little music and dancing. Someone had brought a few Lost Bayou Rambler's CD's and cranked up the sound system, for a few hours of Cajun dancing. The Lost Bayou Ramblers have that old time Cajun sound, with a youthful flavor. Here is a little sample of their fabulous style at the Zydeco Festival in New Orleans, this summer. Enjoy!
Let the good times roll, cher!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I don't want to say I have a boring life...but you do make us feel lackluster. ;-]

John said...

Pleased to see on the video that I'm not the only one who has two left feet when it comes to dancing.

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful times!
well done!

hey - Congratulations, Marguerite! you've won a little something over at my place!

please drop me your address & i'll get it in the mail to you!

peace~ Chuck

Shammickite said...

Oh boy, that music is fabulous, makes me want to jump and shout!

Kora Bruce said...

ohhhh that all look so yummy!

speakimg of Magee's Landing - do you know that their alligator french fries are custom and supposedly copyrighted?! Thats what we were told the first time we had them. haha

Katherine Aucoin said...

Now if I could only teach the people around here how fun it is to play bouree'.

Looks like ya'll have quite a feast and a good time!

The Good Cook said...

You have so much fun in your life. Your zest for living is inspiring...

If I come down your way will you hang out with me and show me all the fun spots?? AND make me banana coladas???

Kat said...

Watching the video makes me want to boogie. Love it.

Marguerite said...

Elizabeth- Awww, I don't want to do that! I'll have a frozen Marguerita for you, tonight, when I go out for dinner. Cheers, cher!

John- There are plenty of two left- footers, in Cajun Country, but not for long. A few dances with a Cajun and it's in the bag!

Chuck- Wowwwww! Oh, I am so excited, if it's what I think it is!! Merci beaucoup, dude! Now I'll be the envy of the blogosphere!!! lol

Shammickite- Well, crank it up and jump and shout, cher! Like we say,here in Cajun Country, let the good times roll!

Living on the Spit said...

If I ever run away...I know where I am going...right down there to be with you!!!!

Nancy said...

I love the sound, the food, and all those smiling faces!

Vagabonde said...

I just came back from another little trip north – 3 days in North Carolina and after all this driving I thought I would sit down and rest. Then I clicked on your Cajun Music clip and sure enough I was no longer tired and would have loved to dance with y’all. I wish you were not so far – it would be great to dance and eat some of the tasty Louisiana cuisine.

Marguerite said...

Kora- It was good! Wow, alligator fries! I will have to try those next time I'm there. Have a fun weekend!

Katherine- It is such a fun card game. Maybe you could get some of the lost Cajuns of Eastern Tennessee to play a little bouree'? We had a blast, cher!

Good Cook- Thanks so much for the lovely compliments. You can bet if you ever came to Cajun Country, I would show you what Cajun hospitality is all about!

Kat- So glad you liked it, cher! Have some fig wine and boogie on!
Have a fun weekend!

Alix said...

I'm a sittin here tappin my toe to Cajun festival music and it's not even 7 am yet!

Hi Marguerite! Thank you SO MUCH for swinging by Casa Hice and leaving such a nice comment. That POTD thing yesterday elevated my happiness quotient beyond my wildest dreams. Wow. Amazing what a little positive reinforcement can do, eh?

I've only been to Louisiana once - to New Orleans - but it will forever be a highlight in my life because it's the first trip my husband and I ever went on soon after we met. I remember the date: June 8, 1997. We had a wonderful time, ate amazing food, soaked in the nightlife (and a few hurricanes) and then got engaged a few weeks later. I owe it all to Louisiana because if a trip there doesn't cement your love, what will?

I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I subscribe immediately - if for nothing else, more Cajun recipes! The Jambalaya looks to die for.

Thanks again!

Chuck Dilmore said...

if you go to my profile,
you'll find my email address.

i'll need your mailing address to send your prize!

hava great vacation , Marguerite!

Mandy said...

As usual, I'm drooling over here! Those photos look sooooo good. I haven't played bouree' in about ten years! I probably don't even remember how to play anymore, :-( but I do remember staying on the bayou at a friend's camp and going boating and just staying up playing cards, eatin' and drinkin' - it's the best way to live, right!? :-) Happy Friday!

Kat said...

Marguerite, I want to thank you for your kind thoughful words of comfort on my blog. Twenty years is a long time. Thank you for helping me mourn. I had been unable to cry until I read your post. I needed that.

California Girl said...

Love the video. I love that music and, believe me, you do NOT get it in New least not northern NE.