Monday, January 18, 2010

French Quarter Mardi Gras! + Sinful Bayou Crab Bisque

More beads and a lot more beads are what Mardi Gras revelers are hoping to catch at this year's Mardi Gras parades. Throwing trinkets to the crowds began in the 1870's in New Orleans by the "Krewe of The Twelfth Night Revelers". The beads were made of glass, back then, and were considered treasures, and were in the traditional Mardi Gras colors, purple- which represents justice, green- faith, and gold- power . Thus the tradition continues, only with plastic beads in every imaginable color and design. My bead collection is HUGE, but I am looking forward to adding to it. Shown here are beads that I caught at just one Lafayette parade.

Happy Mardi Gras, Ya'll!

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

And one of my favorite things about Mardi Gras is wearing costumes.  Here is a clip of New Orleans creativity, at it's best! Fat Tuesday in the French Quarter! Let the good times roll, Cher!

Sinful Bayou Crab Bisque

This sinfully delicious Louisiana recipe is a real treat for crab lovers, and is a "must have" for Mardi Gras! Adapted from "Cane River's Louisiana Living", this fabulous dish is "over the top". Enjoy! Cest bon, cher!
(photo courtesy of Keith's Ballroom, Lafayette, La.)

2 cups fresh lump crab meat
2 cans cream of portobello mushroom soup (undiluted)
2 cans cream of asparagus soup (undiluted)
1 cup half and half
1 cup milk
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp. or more of Tabasco sauce
2/3 cup dry sherry
Salt and Cajun seasoning to taste
Bacon bits and croutons for garnish

Combine crab meat and soups, in blender or food processor and blend well. Pour mixture into a large, heavy, saucepan. Add half and half , milk, seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and sherry. Heat thoroughly, and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. (do not boil) Garnish with bacon bits and croutons. Can be made one day ahead and kept in refrigerator, but should not be frozen. Serves 10 to 12. Out of this world, cher!
Bon Appetit!


John said...

I could do that; have a good day.

Joanne said...

I heard that the celebrations are starting early with the Saints moving closer to the Super Bowl, all the more reason to celebrate!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Bon-bon Cher!

This has my lips smacking.

You know it's going to be crazy in the 1/4 when the Saints win Sunday!

Geaux Saints, Who Dat, We Dat!

A Year on the Grill said...

MAgs mags mags... you have got to stop spreading those rumors about New Orleans having the best Mardi gras events...

You know that this Friday, in the suburbs of Kansas, THE Mardi gras event of the season will be happening...

Did you get my email from earlier this week???


oh, yea!!! let the good times roll, ya'll!!! and yummmmmmy!!!

Alix said...

Marguerite! How could anyone not swoon over Sinful Bayou Crab Bisque?? I immediately printed off the recipe and noticed it was similar to a Paula Deen recipe for crab bisque, which is so amazing in flavor it belies how easy it is to make. Yours recipe looks just as simple to make but is a little more interesting with the portobello mushroom soup. Who makes it? Sounds a little too elegant for good ol' Campbells - but I shall search it out. The other thing I know for sure is that the sherry is an absolute must!

Cannot wait to make this tonight! Thanks for the recipe and for being so faithful to Casa Hice. I always love when you visit and leave comments. By the way - I must apologize for not having added Cajun Delights to my sidebar blogroll before now. I honestly thought I had. Fixed that!

Love you cher.

Marguerite said...

John- I'm sure that you could! And while you're at it, pick up Eddie Bluelights, in your plane! lol (see his comment below) He wants to come to Mardi Gras, too!

Joanne- They are already celebrating, big time, in the Quarter. It's sheer insanity and you're right, if the Saints win, they will go wild!

Katherine- Merci-merci, my dear fellow Cajun! You got dat right,
cher! Geaux Saints, Who Dat, We Dat! Cheers! Wish you were here!

Dave- Well, they sort of DO have a fantastic Mardi Gras! But I'm sure that your party will be a blast! Wish I could be there, cher! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Gypsy- Merci beaucoup for your sweet comment! You KNOW the good times will be a rolling! Wish you were here! Thanks for coming by!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Okay, love the beads! Hope you get a boatload more! And I am going to make this bisque.

Velva said...

I did not know what the bead colors represented or that the original beads were glass. I bet the glass beads are real collectors items.
Your crab bisque does sound quite sinful.

You are going to have the most fabulous time at Mardi Gras this year!!!!

Nancy said...

What fun! I loved the costumes, floats and dancing. You have plenty of beads from last year! The crab bisque looks easy - even I can do it.

Marguerite said...

Eddie- You crack me up! John lives fairly close to you, so it's a possibility! I saw this younger Bluelights and he is canaille, too! Seriously, I will! Merci, cher!

Alix- So glad you like the recipe! I buy the "Garden Natural" Cream of Portobello Soup, at my local health food store. If unavailable, you could just use the Campbell's Golden Mushroom Soup, instead. Merci beaucoup, it's always a pleasure to visit Casa Hice!

Elizabeth- Thanks, hope you try it! I have boxes and boxes of beads! I saw where a lady super- glued them onto her car! Her whole car was covered with beads! lol

Velva- The old glass beads are worth a small fortune. Thanks, the Crab Bisque is totally sinful and so easy! Mardi Gras is a blast, the party of the year!

Nancy- So glad you enjoyed it! I have tons of beads, and those were just from one parade! Hope you try it! Merci for stopping by, cher!

Laura said...

Marguerite- I just keep saying the same thing over and over.

I want to be there and it sounds delicious!

Fun, Fun=


Alix said...

Hey Marguerite! You rocked the house with the Sinful Bayou Crab Bisque, my Queen.

Made it for a quick supper Saturday night and it was a huge hit. This is what impressed me most:

1) Super easy to make and came together quick!
3) Readily available ingredients that are easy to stock up on and keep in the pantry. Even the fresh crab meat is packaged so you can keep it in the fridge for a month or so.

I made half a batch for my husband and myself and we both got two filling helpings. Will make the second batch this week... it's gonna get cold again, so crab soup will be the perfect remedy.

The sherry really makes the soup rich and home made tasting, but I made a few other substitutions just to lighten it up a bit: reduced fat milk and fat-free half and half. It didn't take any of the richness away and made it a little less of a guilty pleasure.

Next time I make this, I think I'll double up on the crab... pureeing 8-ounces into the soup and tossing another 8-ounce container in for texture. I mean, you can never have too much crab in crab soup can you?

Thank you again for the marvelous recipe. I linked to it and YOU in my post yesterday.

Love you Marguerite! Keep the goodness coming!

Alix said...

PS: Congratulations to the Saints!! I will be cheering them on to Super Bowl victory! Yay!

Marguerite said...

Laura- Thanks for the sweet comment, cher! This crab bisque is divine! Hope you try it. It will make you feel like you're here!

Alix- Merci beaucoup for trying it and for being such a dear friend! It is so easy and such a taste treat. I have used the low fat and it IS just as good! Thanks for the great compliments and for the review! Cheers!

sanjeet said...

You know it's going to be crazy in the 1/4 when the Saints win Sunday
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