Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holiday Weekend Fun + Bayou Boogie !

It was an absolutely beautiful holiday weekend in Cajun country and so much fun, too! You could say that the weekend started on Thursday evening, with the kick-off of the Spring concert series at Rhythms on the River, in River Ranch. The crowd was huge and in a celebratory mood. My talented daughter snapped this pic. There was a whole lotta dancing going on, to the Zydeco beat of Cedric Watson and Creole Bijou. Nothing like a little Zydeco to get your blood pumping! Let the good times roll, cher!!

These wonderful free concerts are held every Thursday evening, in the Town Square, in River Ranch, in Lafayette, through May 20. Come on out and get into the festival mood, and get ready for our biggest festival of the year, Festival International, which is right around the corner! (April 21 through 25) This is one FIVE DAY party that ya'll DON'T want to miss! ( click here for a complete schedule) Check it out!

On Friday, I met my darling daughter for lunch, at Jefferson Orleans restaurant in downtown Lafayette. I was in a low-cal mood, and ordered a house salad, topped with grilled shrimp and she also got a salad, topped with grilled tuna steak. Both were absolutely out of this world, cher! Cest bon!

Then on Saturday, we went to THE crawfish boil of the year! Oh the crawfish are so good this year and these caterers know HOW to boil, cher! Oh so good! Give them a call for your next company crawfish boil or family reunion and tell them I sent you!

Hot and spicy and delicious!

Oh, and they went so fast!

Then on Saturday night, a few friends dropped by, and brought one of my favorite cd's, by Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic. I made up a batch of Pina Coladas and we had our own little dancing party on the patio! Here is a clip of this "hot as Tabasco" band, playing one of my favorite songs, Tu Le Ton Son Ton! (Cajun for "every now and then") Crank it up, cher!


California Girl said...

DAMN that crawfish boil looks GOOOD. And the music is definitely inspring. I may turn this up again when I need to do my exercises.

You always have such a good time, Marguerite. You're an inspiration to us all. xo

Joanne said...

Good food, good company, it looks like good weather, and good music ... It doesn't get much better than that!

misti said...

So much good stuff going on in this post! Crawfish, family, music. That grilled tuna salad picture made my mouth WATER! And oh, that good zydeco stomp. We love go to hear Wayne Toups (my fave) whenever he's near.

Drick said...

...and they say crawfish are late this year...HA.. those are some whopppas mamma ... this had to be a good ol' time - glad you share it with us, love the music

Cloudia said...

Crawfish! Yumm!

Sorry I haven't been visiting as often as I'd like, but I've been
having connection issues that I THINK I've solved. Thanks for YOUr
visits & comments :)

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Laura said...

Another great post Marguerite that makes me want to be there!
You are a great ambassador-

Enjoy it all for me !


K. said...

Oh, man!

Love that CD Cedric put out a couple of years ago. That guy is talented.

John said...

I suspect your Louisiana crawfish agent won't deliver to the UK so I will just have to drool over the photos of what you guys get to eat. Who said life was fair!

Kat said...

I love crawfish!! I know it is that time of year in cajun country. I love the Azaleas in bloom for your top photo! Looking forward to ours blooming, which are beginning to now! You are so much fun, you make me feel younger just reading your site!

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

I love where I am at...

But so jealous at the same time

aslan said...

I feel myself at the concert dear
Marguerite..it must be a big fun!
I love all your posts making me very
happy...many thanks dear friend.


Jeni said...

I have to tell you this. I loved the look of the Ham recipe you posted for Easter and decided to try it. However, as is my style at times, I didn't read the ingredients closely -just printed it out and started to fix the glaze and that's when I realized I didn't have any pure cane sugar syrup (don't even know what that is for that matter) plus, I didn't have any bourbon. Then it was the creole mustard I didn't have but I was hell-bent that I was gonna try a glaze that was maybe something like yours. So, I used white corn syrup, Southern Comfort, mustard powder with some caribbean jerk seasoning to maybe give a little pizzaz spice to the glaze and spread it over my ham at the appropriate time. Now I'm sure your recipe -with the correct ingredients is awesome and better than my glaze but I'm here to tell you the family loved this glaze and said make it for ham anytime again in the future! So guess my substitutions were okay cause I have to say, the ham did have a great flavor to it and no complaints from any of those few in the family who cringe when I pick up the spicy seasonings containers. I tend to be a bit heavy-handed with them at times, ya know.
So thanks so much for the recipe that I couldn't follow completely but still got a good glaze out of it in the end! You Rock!

Mehmet Osman Çağlar said...

It's a great fun my friend. I love
your pages and learning fantastic things.

..wishing you a happy week.

Sincerely yours

Eddie Bluelights said...

Crawfish - I really must try them one day. I suspect you can hardly believe I have never tasted them. Oh what a sheltered life I have lead. LOL. Please do not desert me for too long LOL ugs (Hugs even) ~ Eddie

Malu Silverman said...

What a generous serving of crawfish! Yummy!

Marguerite said...

Cal. Girl- Merci beaucoup, cher, for your lovely comment! So glad that you enjoy the music. It is great work-out music! Go for it!

Joanne- Thanks, you're absolutely right, it doesn't!! It's the Cajun way, cher! The weather has been beautiful for weeks, now.

misti- Thanks so much for the nice compliments, cher! Grilled tuna salad is my daughter's fave and I love Wayne Toups, too. Merci for coming by!

Drick- So good to see you! I am delighted that you stopped by! Better late than never, from the Atchafalaya Basin, the biggest and best! Glad you enjoyed it, cher!

Cloudia- Thanks, it is crawfish time! They ARE sooo good! Glad that you solved your connection problem! Aloha, cher!

Laura- Merci, cher! You are such a dear friend and I'm so happy to share it with you. Wish you were here!

Rosaria Williams said...

Funnnnnnnn! How I wished I were there! Love that music!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

I miss Louisiana so much. I grew up just a little north of Alexandria. Moved to San Diego almost 3 years ago. Have major homesickness looking at your posts. :-( This will be my second year missing crawfish season. Eat some good food for me!

Marguerite said...

K.- So good to hear from you, mon ami! Cedric rocks! And Andre is awesome! They are really cookin', similar to Clifton, for sure. Check out his BIO! Cheers, cher!

John- You never know, they might ship worldwide! There are several area companies that do! Or, you could come over for the Crawfish Festival, in May! :)

Kat- Merci for your lovely compliments, cher! Tis the season for crawfish, for sure! The azaleas are beautiful and in full bloom! So glad you enjoy it!

Dave- Likewise cher ami! You are really living the good life! Enjoy!

aslan- Merci beaucoup, mon cher, you say the nicest things! Thanks for the very sweet compliments.The music is fab and I'm so happy that you enjoy it! Wish you were here!

Carol Murdock said...

Hey Marguerite~~~~~~
It's that time in the deep south Cher~~~ food, fun, festivals!
I'm ready!! Have fun !! XOXO :)

Maggie May said...

Yum... I like the grilled shrimps.
You are lucky having free concerts in the square every month.
You have some great times.

Nuts in May

Marguerite said...

Jeni- Great! Thanks, so glad the recipe inspired you to invent your own glaze! It sounds good and it's wonderful that your family liked it!

Jivago- It is SO MUCH FUN! I know that you would love it! Merci for the lovely comment, cher ami! Hope your weekend is FAB! Cheers!

Eddie- What a sheltered life, indeed! We will have to fix that, cher! You'll just have to come over, for the Crawfish Festival, in May! I would never desert you, mon ami! Hugs, cher!

Ma Lou- So nice to hear from you! These were 3 lb. servings, but most people eat 5 lbs.! And they are SO GOOD! Wish you were here! Have a lovely weekend, cher!

lakeviewer- Oh, it is all a blast, cher! The music makes you want to dance! Maybe you could crank it up and dance with hubby? I wish that you were here, too! Happy Weekend!

Stephanie- Hi and welcome, cher! It's always so good to meet a fellow Louisianian! I know how you feel, because I lived away from Cajun country, for a long time. Hugs! Thanks so much for coming by and for adding me, as a friend!