Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh Big Fun on the Bayou ! - Part Deux

Festival Acadien et Creole - Day 1

An amazing day here in Cajun Country and DRY!! Day 1 of Festival Acadiens went off without a hitch! It didn't rain all day, except for a few light sprinkles and if you were dancing, it felt good! A whole lot of rosaries were said for the rain to go away and it did!!! The second day of the festival was an absolute blast and the music was INCREDIBLE! I took a lot of pics and videos, but no time to upload, now. The crowd was electric and highly charged and there was some of the best dancing going on that I've ever seen. Lawd have mercy ! Fun, oh so fun!! It rained steadily all night last night, so the festival park was quite muddy. This was turning into a Cajun Woodstock , more than ever, with all the slipping and sliding and dancing in the mud.

Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas were driving the crowd wild, with some of the best bayou blues/zydeco/jitterbug boogie!

Balfa Toujours was hot as jalapeno peppers, with their highly seasoned, traditional Cajun dance music, and lots of two-steps.

And Jimmy C. Newman and Jo-el Sonnier brought the house down.

And, "The Food"! Well you just can't even imagine how sinfully good the Cajun booths were.

And Bon Creole was the pick for Shrimp and Crawfish Poboys.

And the seafood etouffee from Fezzos was out of this world! And the best part is that we get to do the whole thing all over again, tomorrow! Lassiez les bon temps rouler! Oh the life of a Cajun is, oh, so fun!!! Hope that ya'll are having fun, too! Merci for coming by, cher and stay tuned!!!


John said...

Probably not having as much fun as you guys seem to be. Keep eating the shrimp.

judi said...

I am droolin' on my keyboard! Foots tapping too. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Love those zebra boots. Wish I had a pair! Sounds like a wonderful event.

Oh the food........*drool* I've eaten at Fezzo's before. (Don't know how you stay so slim. Must be all the dancing.) :)

Joanne said...

Diggin' those zebra boots, they're definitely keeping it rockin'!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Wish I could have seen Jimmy C !! :(
I know you guys had "big Fun" !! :)

Kathryn Magendie said...

OH!!! I will be in BR next week for the La BOok Festival and can't wait to get a shrimp poboy! yeehaw! or "aiyeee!" *laugh*

I had to laugh because someone told me I had so much food in the Tender Graces novel that they had heartburn after reading it (they were nice and gave a good review so it wasn't insulting) -- and I had to laugh so hard! The next novel has even more So La food! *laugh*

oh can't wait!

Nancy said...

I think you should have a lodge where you house tours for all your fans!! A whole new business. I can't think of a more enthusiastic and fun person to be with than you at one of these festivals! :-)

California Girl said...

Marguerite: I would weigh 200 lbs if I lived there. Do you guys ever stop partying and eating?


Cougar Tales said...

Stopping over from Mandy's site.
She was certainly do have fun taste!
- Cougs

Laura said...

All I can say is


Can'y wait for the videos=

Marguerite said...

John- You're probably not! I'll be posting the videos, soon. I will keep eating the shrimp, I can promise you that!

Judi- Hi Judy, and welcome to Cajun Country. So glad you like the Cajun food and music! Thanks so much for visiting!

Angie- Thanks, cher! I also have a leopard pair.:) Fezzo's is cest bon! Love their seafood platter!

Joanne- Thanks, I've danced many a two step in those boots! Perfect for dancing in the mud, too.

Carol- Jimmy C. and Jo-el were fabulous, cher! I took a video and will be posting it soon. Wish you could have been here. It was soooo much fun!

Marguerite said...

Kathryn- I hear ya on the Shrimp Poboy! (my fave) But, after eating festival food for three days, I'm ready for a big salad!

Nancy- Great idea! Maybe after my cookbook is published. Thanks for the sweet compliment, cher!

Cal. Girl- You would have to control your portions, for sure. And of course, you would be dancing it off, cher!

Cougs- Welcome and thanks so much for your kind comment and for stopping by. Mandy is a sweetheart and has a taste for fun, too.

Laura- Oh, how I wish that you could have been here, too, cher! I took so many videos, and will be posting some soon, if Blogger will upload them. (some are too large)

A Year on the Grill said...

One more week til my big fun on the bayou

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love it! A cajun woodstock! I can picture you all dancing in the mud.