Friday, June 5, 2009

Creole Reggae & A Cajun Festival Weekend

When I woke up this morning and went out on the patio to read and drink my coffee, I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful breeze and temperatures much more like early April. By this time of year we are usually in the "gumbo", meaning very hot and muggy and quickly headed for the "dog days of summer".

It was an even more pleasant evening at the last concert of the Downtown Alive Spring concert series. Several of my friends, (Wayne, on keyboard and vocals, Steve, on bass. and Dickie, on sax) were playing in tonight's band, True Man Posse, a very popular Creole Reggae Band . The mood was more relaxed and laid back than usual and my appetite was begging for something light and healthy and maybe a nice cold, yummy drink. 

After the fabulous concert, which made us feel as though we were on the beach instead of in Lafayette, we headed over to our favorite bistro, to feast on something cool and delicious. I was craving a big salad, after that sinfully delicious seafood lunch that I had earlier today, over at Pat's Downtown.


There are two great festivals, this weekend! The Church Point Buggy Festival in Church Point, La., (more info.- go here) and The Spice and Music Festival in Opelousas, La. (more info.- go here) Both will be packed with great Cajun/Zydeco music, food, and fun. Plus a little Zydeco on Sunday, at Whiskey River, followed by Lil' Buck Sinegal and Buckwheat Zydeco, at the Blue Moon Saloon and Guest House on Sunday night. 

Come on out and get into the festival spirit and enjoy what might be the last cooler weekend of the summer! Hope to see ya'll there! Let the good times roll and have a great, fun weekend!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

I wish I could join you!!! It sounds wonderful!!!! Enjoy the cool!!!! I love that you call it "Gumbo!" I think I'll adopt your Cajun Speak! And coffee on the patio...sounds like paradise!!!! Love and wishes for a wonderfully happy weekend!! ~Janine XO

Marguerite said...

Thanks so much for your positive thoughts and wishes, Janine. Wish that you and all my bloggie friends could join me, for one of our fun Cajun festivals! You would love it!

I have added a "Local Lingo" link in the sidebar, and will soon be adding a Cajun French glossary.

Unknown said...

Saw your Whiskey River post, and I can attest to everything you say about it because I was fortunate enough to have visited Whiskey River a few years back, and yes, they were dancing on the bar by 7:30 that evening. It was a great time I'd like to repeat sometime soon. Bob from Maryland. Keep them coming Marguerite.

Marguerite said...

Robert, I think that I may have danced with you at Whiskey River, then. lol It is such a fun place! Let me know when you're coming down again and I'll go with you. Allons danser, cher!