Monday, June 29, 2009

More Cajun Fun on the Swamp + French Rockin' Boogie

After a fabulous lunch of Crawfish Etoufee and Fried Catfish, ordered to go, from one of our favorite restaurants, we headed over to the levee in Henderson for a little fun in the sun. It wasn't quite as hot today and there were clouds, here and there, so it turned out to be a good day for water sports. We boarded the boat at McGee's landing and headed out for a beautiful boat ride. There was a nice breeze on the water that saved us. We ran into friends on boats and jet skis and others who were water skiing. Then, we all refreshed at McGee's Restaurant with iced cold drinks, until it was time to go to the dance at Whiskey River.

 When we arrived, the place was packed to capacity, and overflowing with hot, dancing, nitty- gritty Zydeco fans. Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie were rocking the house. The dance floor was so crowded that when I ventured onto it to get the video clip, I got stuck in the middle of the dance floor and couldn't get out of the crowd until the song was over! I was nearly knocked down by the  dancers, but I well understand that there's no parking on the dance floor at Angelle's Whiskey River Dance Hall. "If you can't keep up with the big dogs, here, stay off the dance floor" !! The wood floor beneath was vibrating so hard that I thought it would cave in or that surely the roof might blow off!! 

 Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie


Joanne said...

I love music that sounds like it'll blow the roof right off the joint. We went to an outdoor concert on Long Island this weekend, and if there had been a roof, it would've been long gone!

Marguerite said...

Joanne- Whiskey River is definitely one of those places. Sounds like you're having a fun summer. Let the good times roll, cher!!


your posts always leave me SO homesick for louisiana!!!!! have a wonderful week - jenean

Nancy said...

Fun, fun, fun! I love the whoops of pure joy!

Marguerite said...

Jenean- Awwww! Hope it brought a smile or two, also! Maybe it's time for a visit? I know that I used to go up-the- wall, when I lived out of state, and I would be away too long.

Wonderful week to you too, cher'.

Laura said...

This was my first visit and oh my gosh this all looks like fun. I love all things Louisiana and we make a trip every year so I can dance.

How much fun-
I am also a devoted James Lee Burke fan . My husband too me to the cafeteria where Dave Robicheaux eats in New Iberia.


Marguerite said...

Nancy- And many whoops of joy, there were, too! Geno, the accordion player, always says "Somebody Scream" when the song is about to go into frenzy mode, and then everybody does. A great stress reliever! lol

Marguerite said...

Welcome to Cajun Country, Laura!! Many thanks for your kind comments and for visiting. That's great that you come here to dance. You should come for Festival Acadiens in mid-October. It's a true Cajun Woodstock and you would love it!
Love James Lee Burke, also.